Bringing autonomy to you

We provide each of our global partners and customers with bespoke full-stack autonomous solutions and support from concept to deployment.


We are the only provider of high-performance, safe and integrated full-stack autonomous solutions and bespoke state-of-the-art products for all areas of the CAV ecosystem.

Vehicle Platforms

Autonomous-ready vehicles enabled with our industry-leading drive-by-wire system XCU, networking, connectivity and sensors

Autonomous Driving Software

Our SAE level 2 self-driving software stack is designed to accelerate your self-driving ambitions without breaking the bank

Cloud connectivity and apps

Run and build apps on our data platform, by connecting your vehicle to the cloud via any network


Build your remotely driven fleet with our teleoperation stations, providing integrated hardware and software for functionally safe operation

Autonomous Tech Developments
Our mission from day one has been to provide integrated autonomous-ready vehicles that provide a foundation for technology developers to build and test on
Integrate autonomous technologies into engineering or robotics courses with our education-friendly packages, ranging from autonomous simulation support to affordable autonomous-ready test vehicles
Autonomous Trials
Our full-stack autonomous technology is ready to deploy in your self-driving trial. Whether you want to focus on user acceptance testing, integrating your own developments, or new autonomous services, our expert engineers will develop a trial roadmap that delivers
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