SD Advanced Engineering Product Offering

We draw on StreetDrone’s unique motorsport, automotive and CAV application experience, having worked with global customers and with partners in multi-million, government-funded projects to apply real products in the real world.


Our Product Range

A number of core technologies, some of which are IP of StreetDrone, joined together as an ecosystem, form a number of autonomous-ready vehicle platform packages that we currently offer.


SD Advanced Engineering Twizy and eNV200

Available to order today* with advanced drive-by-wire, custom bodywork, cameras and more.

Our vehicles are fully integrated autonomous platforms for testing and R&D. They are already in service around the world and feature heavily among the UK’s autonomous vehicle test-beds.

Please get in touch with us, and speak to a friendly expert about the requirements for your autonomous vehicle programme today.


Software development made easy

No physical vehicle required- simulation runs on any Linux platform with Ubuntu16

Fast development of localisation and perception algorithms

Test your control systems in the virtual world

Watch our free tutorials and chat to the experts here at SD Advanced Engineering

Seamless integration to the real vehicles when you’re ready for the road


Cloud connectivity and apps

Run and build apps on our data platform, by connecting your vehicle to the cloud via any network



Build your remotely driven fleet with our teleoperation stations, providing integrated hardware and software for functionally safe operation