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Our support package ensures you get the most out of your new SD Advanced Engineering autonomous ready vehicle and includes one day of vehicle and drive-by-wire familiarisation and a second day for reading and recording vehicle data.


Getting the most out of your autonomous-ready vehicles or software

SD Advanced Engineering provide a wide range of support services for both our vehicle range and subscription software. Our team of engineers cover a wide range of expertise from the vehicle control systems baked into every SD Advanced Engineering vehicle to a deep understanding of the software needed to make them autonomous.

All of our vehicle packages and software subscriptions come with engineering support built in, and bespoke packages are available via our sales team. This includes both over the phone and Zoom support, and access to online support for reporting and recording any requests.

Our engineering team also deliver software updates and are always on hand to answer your queries, no matter how simple or complex.


SD Advanced Engineering Training Services

Vehicle and drive-by-wire familiarisation

SD Advanced Engineering will get you up to speed with an introduction and familiarisation to your newly converted autonomous-ready vehicle and charging routine.

Learn how to safely enable, disable and operate drive-by-wire systems, use of the debugging controller. 

Introduction to support systems, documentation and simple system troubleshooting.

Reading and recording vehicle data

Training included when an SD Advanced Engineering autonomous-ready vehicle is bought. This involves showing how to read and record vehicle data from chosen sensors installed with your autonomous-ready vehicle.  

The training provided changes based on the number of sensors installed on the autonomous vehicle by SD Advanced Engineering. 

Data can be collected from the following if fitted on the vehicle: LiDAR, Camera, CAN and RADAR.

Autonomous simulation

The autonomous simulation training is included with one of SD Advanced Engineering subscription packages. 

This includes a number of hours and some time allocated for continuous support and access to new versions/upgrades. 

SD Advanced Engineering bespoke subscription package allows you to be flexible to  add more hours on request.

SD Advanced Engineering safety driver training

Our Safety Drivers must undergo the full safety driver training programme. This is a two-day comprehensive programme covering several elements including:

Written training, system induction, track/closed road induction, and on-road induction.

Upon the completion of the training programme the safety driver training checklist must be completed and signed-off by the safety driver instructor and trainee.


StreetDrone 2020 Safety Report

Safety is clearly the most important aspect when deploying self-driving vehicles and it all starts with the vehicle itself. Our engineering team has deep technical expertise in automotive control systems. This means that we can build the safest possible drive-by-wire system in parallel with the vehicle manufacturers existing systems.

Our team’s combined automotive engineering experience has enabled a best practice approach to vehicle safety, prioritised at all levels of our technology deployment. This report details that approach in the hope that together, we can move forward in our discussions and understanding of what a truly safe autonomous future looks like.


Defining the conditions for autonomy

SD Advanced Engineering have a proprietary approach to comprehensively defining the scope of autonomous vehicle trials – starting and finishing with safety.

Operational Design Domain (ODD)

The conditions under which a SD Advanced Engineering vehicle can operate autonomously.

Vehicle Design Domain (VDD)

The vehicle specification to meet the requirements of the operating conditions.


Defining the ODD

We work with our customers to define the trial environment and conditions; for instance, which road features are present such as traffic lights or roundabouts? What hazards are present such as pedestrians or cyclists? In addition, we add environmental parameters - do we operate in the rain and what are the route speed limits?


The VDD- Software

The software modules are then selected to suit the particular autonomous purpose of the trial - this can include dynamic path planning, object avoidance, pedestrian behaviour prediction and more.


The VDD- Hardware

Once we know the ODD features and software functionality you want to operate with, we can define the hardware requirements for the vehicle. This covers all considerations from computational power to required sensor sets.


Functional Specification

The ODD and VDD, once defined, form the functional specification for your SD Advanced Engineering autonomous vehicle - what it can do and where it can go.


Safety Driver Training

Safety driver training is the next essential step to safe deployment of autonomous vehicles. When anything occurs (weather changes, dynamic objects etc.) outside your ODD and VDD conditions, the safety driver will take control of the vehicle.


Safety Case Definition

With all these steps complete, a thorough safety case can be written for an autonomous vehicle trial or demonstration.


SD Advanced Engineering Deployment

2020 Safety Report

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