TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) – Smart Mobility Living Lab : London

The Goal – To build a testbed that uses public and private roads in London to develop and validate new mobility and transport technologies in a real-world connected environment.  The Proposal – We delivered on our converted Nissan eNV200, its drive by wire system, compute system and sensors needed for autonomous driving. The StreetDrone self […]

Parkopedia – Autonomous Valet Parking

The Goal – To validate the indoor and outdoor mapping required for complex automated parking. Our Proposal – We provided our very own drive-by-wire retrofited StreetDrone Twizy. StreetDrone engineering support services were also provided as and when it was needed. The Outcome –  The autonomous valet parking project initially tested our vehicles to ensure the […]

Han University of Applied Sciences – Automotive

The Goal – To create an Innovative Mobile Research Platform for HAN University students and researchers.  Our Proposal – To provide our autonomous ready vehicle, StreetDrone Twizy and software platform allowing HAN university to have an open environment for projects in the field of autonomous driving. We provided a vehicle that could run the software […]

Deploying Open Source Software on the streets of London.

As some of our more loyal readers will know, we were heavily involved in rolling out Europe’s first open source self-driving vehicle as part of the Smart Mobility Living Lab project in London late last year. The SMLL team have now brought out a video with interview and footage of the trial: We’ve punched massively […]