Potholes, what potholes?

Dean Temple has arguably the weightiest task of all at StreetDrone, looking after the company finances. From his vantage point, he offers his thoughts on forms of digital disruption other than driverless cars and where Covid-19 might leave us all in the months ahead. “In his seminal work “News from Nowhere” William Morris envisaged a […]

Parking Cars Together

At StreetDrone towers, while we’re busy developing the tech that makes it easier & safer for cities to deploy autonomous urban services, it’s not unknown to run into problems. One of our mantras has always been that problems are best solved by throwing some unique and specialist engineers together in a room and an hour […]

In Need of a Pick Me Up?

StreetDrone’s home city, Oxford, is rapidly becoming a leading cluster of next-gen mobility companies, as evidenced by Waymo’s recent acquisition of autonomy AI experts, Latent Logic, and this year’s first unicorn birth following the investment made by UPS and Hyundai into Arrival. However, while we at StreetDrone and our Oxford neighbours are busy developing next-gen […]