HAN University student successfully demonstrates ROS-based algorithms for Master’s Thesis

At StreetDrone, we are delighted when the next generation of self-driving engineers use our vehicles as part of the culmination of their degree. Our congratulations here go to Pawan Pawar of HAN University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands) who developed both a motion planner and trajectory tracking controller, before demonstrating these in both simulation and in […]

TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) – Smart Mobility Living Lab : London

The Goal – To build a testbed that uses public and private roads in London to develop and validate new mobility and transport technologies in a real-world connected environment.  The Proposal – We delivered on our converted Nissan eNV200, its drive by wire system, compute system and sensors needed for autonomous driving. The StreetDrone self […]

Han University of Applied Sciences – Automotive

The Goal – To create an Innovative Mobile Research Platform for HAN University students and researchers.  Our Proposal – To provide our autonomous ready vehicle, StreetDrone Twizy and software platform allowing HAN university to have an open environment for projects in the field of autonomous driving. We provided a vehicle that could run the software […]

[Hello World!] – Simulation

In this continued series of fortnightly technical blogs, StreetDrone is going to lift the LiD(-AR) on one aspect of autonomous driving software development.

In Times of Austerity — Grow Your Own!

We’re heading for a colossal skills shortage, says StreetDrone CEO, Mike Potts. Here at StreetDrone towers, we’re busy at the coalface making it faster, easier and safer for cities to deploy, learn and scale autonomous urban vehicle trials. Since our business was established five years ago, we’ve grown continuously and consistently, but while our progress […]