Accelerating CAV Deployment with Vehicle-in-the-Loop Simulation: StreetDrone and IPG Automotive

StreetDrone and IPG Automotive UK Ltd have partnered in a pioneering test integration to bring the myriad benefits of vehicle-in-the-loop simulation to accelerate AV development. Using a ROS bridge software integration from IPG’s industry-standard CarMaker​ VIL to StreetDrone’s Enterprise ASLAN self-driving software stack, the two partners demonstrated how a StreetDrone e-NV200 autonomous vehicle on the […]

[Hello World!] – Simulation

In this continued series of fortnightly technical blogs, StreetDrone is going to lift the LiD(-AR) on one aspect of autonomous driving software development.

A Simulated Reality

Like many other Covid-impacted events, Formula Student is making a virtue of going virtual this summer A few months ago, we reported on these channels how the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) had been extremely willing to embrace autonomous vehicle engineering into its Formula Student programme. Formula Student has been a rich source of challenge […]