IPG Automotive joins Project ASLAN

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Global leader in automotive simulation joins the burgeoning self-driving technology community

  • IPG Automotive augments Project ASLAN stack with a ROS bridge to its sector-leading CarMaker tool
  • IPG Automotive becomes the 15th organisation to be associated with Project ASLAN
  • The enrichment of simulation toolsets within ASLAN enables a greater scope of R&D without investment in costly hardware platforms

Oxford, UK, 16 February 2021. Project ASLAN, the international, not-for-profit collaboration that aims to accelerate the viability of low-speed autonomous transport solutions through open-source self-driving software solutions today announced a new partner member, IPG Automotive UK Limited, a subsidiary of IPG Automotive GmbH. 

As a global leader in virtual driving technology, IPG Automotive develops innovative software and hardware simulation solutions for application in areas including autonomous vehicles, ADAS, e-mobility, Real Driving Emissions and vehicle dynamics. The company’s suite of tools enables the seamless development, calibration, test and validation of entire systems in the whole vehicle, supporting OEMs and tier suppliers across the international automotive supply chain

Best known for its proprietary solution for virtual test driving, CarMaker, IPG Automotive have developed an integration for the Project ASLAN software stack through the development of a Robot Operating System (ROS) bridge. By supplementing the ASLAN ecosystem with a bridge to CarMaker, Project ASLAN community members who are license-holders of CarMaker can benefit from extensive new functional state-of-the-art capability relied upon by OEMs, tyre companies and tier 1 suppliers from within in the ASLAN ecosystem.

Access to IPG Automotive’s CarMaker in the ASLAN stack provides an additional automotive-grade rung of simulation capability on top of ASLAN’s existing open-source Gazebo toolset for new and existing CarMaker license holders and adds to ASLAN’s capacity to reduce reliance on costly hardware platforms.

IPG Automotive are the latest of fifteen organisations to contribute and be associated with Project ASLAN in a variety of differing capacities. The scope of operations of these organisations varies from leading transport research universities in Europe and Asia to cybersecurity, geospatial data, robotics software and autonomous vehicle platform companies, with the collaborative value of the project enriched by a community independent developers contributing to the ASLAN code base.

Elliot Hemes, Managing Director of IPG Automotive UK, commented, “IPG Automotive is a global leader in the rapidly advancing field of automotive simulation. In order to maintain a leadership position, it is important for us to form partnerships and collaborations with people and organisations that are really shifting the paradigm in this area. And we see the impressive Project ASLAN community in just that context – game-changers with whom we’re very pleased to associate.”

Professor Siraj Ahmed Shaikh, Director of Research at Institute of Future Transport & Cities, Coventry University and Project ASLAN Advisory Board Member said, “Today’s news is another feather in the cap for Project ASLAN which continues to attract a diverse and self-enriching collaborative environment for the progression of low-speed autonomous transport solutions. Additionally, from a university perspective, we are already a customer of IPG Automotive, so it is great that we can extend our use of CarMaker as part of the ASLAN stack.”

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About Project ASLAN

Project ASLAN is an international, not-for-profit collaboration between technology companies, universities and public authorities that aims to accelerate the viability of low-speed urban autonomous transport solutions by applying open-source self-driving software to improve quality of life and prosperity for metropolitan citizens around the world.

For more information, please visit: www.project-aslan.org

About IPG Automotive 

IPG Automotive is a global leader in virtual test driving technology and develops innovative simulation solutions for vehicle development. Designed for seamless use, the software and hardware products can be applied throughout the entire development process, from proof-of-concept to validation and release. The company’s virtual prototyping technology facilitates the automotive systems engineering approach, allowing users to develop and test new systems in a virtual whole vehicle.

For more information, please visit: https://ipg-automotive.com/

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