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The world’s only subscription-based, validated and fully supported autonomous software for low-speed environments. Download for free and get started using our tutorials, getting an autonomous vehicle up and running in 30 minutes.


Stable, supported, validated software ready-for-the-road

SD Advanced Engineering Enterprise Aslan autonomous software is the world’s first and only subscription-based fully-supported self-driving software. Validated on SD Advanced Engineering fleet of test vehicles, the SAE level 2 self-driving software stack is designed to accelerate your self-driving ambitions without breaking the bank.


An open-source interface for best-in-class control

The SD Advanced Engineering Vehicle Interface is a unique piece of software, sitting between the self-driving computer and the drive-by-wire robotics system of the car. 

Configurable for any vehicle, our Vehicle Interface is fully customisable to your control needs. We never interfere with the original CAN systems of the car so you can be certain that you are building on top of a stack of technologies that safely work seamlessly together, and ensure a solid foundation for all developments. 

Did we mention that it’s open-source, and fully integrated into Project Aslan? 


Integrated virtual pipeline for development, testing and deployment


Software development made easy

No physical vehicle required- simulation runs on any Linux platform with Ubuntu16

Fast development of localisation and perception algorithms

Test your control systems in the virtual world

Watch our free tutorials and chat to the experts here at SD Advanced Engineering

Seamless integration to the real vehicles when you’re ready for the road


Project Aslan

SD Advanced Engineering are proud founding members of Project Aslan, an open-source self-driving software stack for low-speed applications. Find out more and join our community today.